JZB500A/ 1 000A底注式自动保温浇注机

一.主要特点Feaatures  ●塞杆底注式中频加热保温浇包和无加热浇包;  Plugnodfrequencyheatinginsulationandnon-heatingcontainer.  ●大车和小车可实现两个水平方向的运动;  TwotolleyscanachievebothX-axisandY-axismovement.  ●适用于连续不间断灰铁和球铁生产:  Suitforcontinuousuninteruptedproductionofgrayironandductileiron.  ●可稳定实现随流孕育:  Achievedsteadystreaminoculation.  ●进口塞杆寿命可达8-10天:  Importedplugnodupto8-10daysoflife.  ●国产塞杆寿命可达6天;  Domesticplugnodupto6daysoflife.  ●结构简单操作方便。  Simplestructure,easyoperation.  二.技术参数 Technicalparameters





  一. 主要特点 Feaatures


  Plug nod frequency heating insulation and non-heating container.


  Two tolleys can achieve both X-axis and Y-axis movement.


  Suit for continuous uninterupted production of gray iron and ductile iron.


  Achieved steady stream inoculation.


  Imported plug nod up to 8-10 days of life.


  Domestic plug nod up to 6 days of life.


  Simple structure, easy operation.

  二.技术参数 Technical parameters

  三.工作原理Work pincile


JZB500/ 1000型底注式浇注机为中频保温式浇注设备。浇注包呈长方体.内部装加热水冷线圈并筑有保温耐火材料。浇注包内的铁水通过浸入铁水中的耐火塞棒和塞杯之间的环形间隙,底注式流出浇包,实现浇注充型。环形间隙的大小决定浇注速度的快慢。间隙量的调整可通过电动减速器和螺纹丝杠实现无级变量调节。气缸操纵塞棒上下运动.进而控制浇注铁水的流出和阻断。水平两个方向的大车、小车运动可控制浇注口对准浇杯,或将浇注包中的低温铁水排放到旁边的铁水包中倒回电炉。

  浇注机的电器系统采用PLC控制。浇注机配备有可靠的随流孕育装置.孕育剂加入量可通过变频器实现调整。JZB500/1000底注浇注机结构简单,浇注铁水含渣少,维护保养简便,可为现有造型线加装。适用于灰铁、球铁铸件的连续生产,特别适用于垂直无箱造型线的生产。JZ500/1000为 底注式无加热自动浇注机。

  JZB500/1000 bottom gating tpe automatlc casting machine is a heat preseraton casting mochine with medlum tequency. The container is cubold, wilth heatingand water-cooling coll and refractory materlal. The molten lron within the container goes through the annular gap between stopper rod and cup, and flows out from thecontainer with bottom gate, and then, achieves the casting and mold fling. The annular gap decides the casting velocity, and it can be adlusted by the motorized speedreducer and thread screw to achieve continuous legulation. The stopper lod is manipulated by the cylinder to move up and down, which lead to the ouflow and cutoff of the motlen iron. The tolevs in two horizon dimensions are ulled to keep the llgnment between the casting gate and pouling cup. they are also used to recycle the low temperature motten iron to electic funace.

  The casting machine Is contolled by PLC. Besides, it is assembled with a rllable metal stheam noculation device. The quantty of inoculants Is adlusted by the transducer, J285001000 bottom gating tpe automatic casting machine has a concise Istuction, with less resldue in moten lron and more convenience to maintenance.which is easy to assemble to the existing molding line. I's well applled to the continuous product of gray lion and ductle iron casting, especlally sutable for higne-ficiency vertical floskless molding line. The type of JZ5001000 is non-heating bottom gating type casting machine.